Hire or Contract


The Center welcomes collaboration with organizations that seek alternative ways to help civilians survive some of the world’s worst violence when status quo methods are failing.


You might be a university, consultancy group, or think tank which intends, as does the Center, to establish a necessary new niche in today’s repertoire of civilian protection.


You might be seeking innovative, marquee projects which will directly impact aid agencies and the at-risk civilians they work with. You can do this by collaborating with the Center to further develop and disseminate preparedness support guidance to the aid community. The result you seek does not stay in the realm of academia or advocacy—but rather is directly actionable.


Hire Center staff to prepare then widely promote and provide to aid agencies the tools and services they will need in order to offer comprehensive preparedness support to their local counterparts and communities as violence grows.


You might be an aid agency. As the Center’s documents contend, a provider like you is often the ‘best platform available’ to try and preemptively support local capacity for self-preservation.


You might be working in countries watch-listed for a potential outbreak or escalation in violence. Before possibly losing access, you may want to lay ground work to better fulfil obligations, such as you may define them: a ‘duty of care’ for counterparts and a ‘responsibility to protect’ communities. You will want to do this in ways that are accountable, cost-effective and scalable—and may find piloting preparedness support your last best chance for doing so.


You can avail of the Center’s tools and services in either a comprehensive or piecemeal way. The comprehensive approach includes more attention to self-reflection and policy commitment, more financial incentives, and more guidance. More than piecemeal adoption, this can lead to a pilot of preparedness support and a paradigm change for the agency.


Hire Center staff to prepare the tools and services your organization needs to offer comprehensive preparedness support to your local counterparts and communities

Contract Center staff to prepare and implement select tools or services for your organization’s civilian self-protection efforts.


There are many other entities which, while perhaps not as well-situated as an aid agency to foster grassroots preparedness, do indeed have missions pertaining to violence.


You might be focused on protection, human rights, nonviolent resistance, development aid, humanitarian aid, disaster risk reduction, early warning, security sector reform, conflict management, recruitment into violence or extremism, displacement, or prevent a return of conflict. The Center’s Briefing Series describes how helping civilians brace for violence can impact all of these endeavors.


The ability of your organization to help locals brace for unstoppable violence—or to get better “joined up” with entities like aid agencies who may have comparative advantages in doing so—can strengthen your mission or sometimes even bring it back from the brink of failure.


Contract Center staff to prepare and implement select tools or services (to the extent that support of civilian self-protection can be grafted onto your mission) or to help you join up with agencies on the scene already supportive of local capacity for self-protection.


The white papers, simulations, donor groundwork, policy review, facilitators’ guide, survey tools, on-site research, consultant roster, module menus, inventory, LLAMA monograph, outcomes report, and learning loop are described in the Preparedness Support Process.

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